Mold shipment check

Mold Shipment Check

Injection Processing Data
We will be according to customer’s required parameter to make test if they have special requests. If they don’t have any requests, we will choose a best condition for test.

Mold Test Report
This will be prepared before mold shipment and will be provided to customer along with the files for shipment within 2-3 working days after mold delivered.

Mold Test Video
We will take video for each of the mold and upload them on FTP, so that customer can download the file and watch the details for each test. Also, we will make the CD file which will be delivered to customer along with the mold when shipping.

Full Measurements Inspection Report
We will check the sample carefully and help customer to find some possible problems with the 3D at the same time of waiting customer’s remark for the expressed samples. For some of the small and easy point, we will inform customer of our suggestion and after confirmed by them, we will start the modification, while if there maybe related to modify mold for some large points, we will discuss with customer by stating our comments and try to find a better solution.

Finish Mold Checklist
For all of the mold, we will check them with our standard of checklist to assure all of the part for mold as well as its accessories to be good before shipment.

Mold shipment check