2020-05-13 hqt

A good precision mold part manufacturer can help high precision mold make factories reducing cost and time!

We do not only provide total mold solutions for our customers but also have one individual workshop equip with high precision machining machines for manufacturing high-quality precision mold parts efficiently and cost-effectively.

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Why choose us as a precision mold part supplier?

Advanced machining equipment operated by over 15 years of precision.

Machining operators can make sure precision mold parts with high-quality surface finishing reaches Ra0.4, shank diameter’s tolerance reaches +/-0.001mm.

100% full inspection QC principle from income material to shipment is adopted to ensure the quality of our products.

Fast Delivery, It only takes 7-8 working days once the order is placed. Priority arrangement for urgent orders.

Long business relationships with local FedEx, UPS, DHL, and TNT, with a good discount, can help customers save transport costs.

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Your Benefits, Our Values

Lower cost: Outstanding location in Dongguan, which is one of the most famous mold manufacturing region in China, that also means you can get the lower injection molding price with best quality.

More precise: More than ten years experience in the field of plastic injection molding manufacturing, Our design engineers and processing technicians can good understand the customer needs to make perfect molding solutions.

More effective: In order to shorten the development cycle and save the customer’s cost, we will optimize the project management, which can not only guarantee the accuracy of the injection mold and platic parts, but also improve the manufacturing efficiency.

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