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What is CNC Milling: CNC Machining guide 2020?

2020-09-25 hqt

What is a CNC Milling Machine?

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In the modern world, production automation is not a luxury item, but a perceived necessity. Although in our country the cost of human labor is quite low. And there are no prerequisites for an increase in its cost in the short and medium term. CNC Milling machines even in this situation outperform humans.

The machine does not go on vacation and maternity leave. Moreover, it does not need a weekend. Furthermore, it is not late and does not skip. Its performance does not depend on the mood and yesterday’s party with friends.

Why CNC Milling machine is important?

Each enterprise is interested in the implementation of highly efficient technologies. Therefore, it selects reliable, functional equipment for performing such work as:


  • Milling
  • Turning
  • cutting metal
  • and wood,
  • plywood with a laser
  • marking and engraving on products and many others.

In this article we will tell you about CNC Milling machines, their types, design, and principle of operation. Similarly, we will provide basic information so that you can decide whether you need such a technique or not.

CNC machines: what is it?

Let’s figure out what a CNC machine is, and what is the abbreviation. Generally, CNC is a numerical control program. It is a computerized system that is aimed at making calculations and automating technical operations.


Control is carried out by special commands – G-codes. The system can be programmed from external media or connected to a computer.

Consists of the following elements:

  • operator console;
  • display;
  • controller;
  • ROM – long-term storage memory;
  • RAM – temporary storage of programs currently in use.

Many people are interested in the question: what does a CNC Milling machine do? Moreover, it belongs to the most demanded equipment in the main industries.

It is considered an expensive, innovative technique. Moreover, it is used to:

  • process metal
  • grind complex workpieces
  • and make cabinet furniture
  • plastic toys
  • and souvenirs

The CNC Milling machine allows you to perform even the most complex work with high precision. Produces parts that meet the most stringent requirements in terms of dimensional accuracy and tolerances. Computerization and automation eliminate human error.


If you use the device correctly, the risk of defective products will be reduced to zero.

Take a CNC milling machine and panel making, for example.

In order to make such a panel, previously a person had to have an artistic vision in order to manually or using a semi-automatic tool. It is to cut off everything unnecessary from the workpiece. If it was necessary to make 10 such pieces, then it turned from a creative process into a kind of routine for the master.

All products were different and different from each other. The person could get sick or lose interest. Subsequently, the master’s hand could tremble, etc. Today, with a 3D model of such a panel, anyone who does not even have an artistic vision using a CNC Milling machine is able to make such products.

 CNC Milling and 3D model development

Creativity is still present because creating a 3D model is a creative process that is accessible to few and it does not matter that the output you will have a physical model embodied in a tree or on a computer.

After we have chosen a model for production, we need to “tell” the machine what needs to be done.

In it, we tell the machine:

  • What size the workpiece is?
  • What tool we do it, at what speed
  • Where to start and where to finish, etc.

Depending on the company and the organization of the workflow, this can be done by both the CNC Milling machine operator and an individual technologist.

Also, the operator’s job is to install the workpiece and the working tool. It is necessary to change the lubricant in time, to clean the area of ​​operations. One employee can manage several devices.

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The operator does not need to be a turner or milling specialist. It is enough to learn the techniques of program management and understand the features of the tools used.

Types of machines

The equipment is divided into several groups, which differ in the ability to perform operations. Types of CNC machines by type of impact on the processed material:

  • Cnc milling, drilling, boring – used for cutting blanks, cutting sheets, bending corners, drilling holes;
  • turning – for processing the outer and inner surfaces, perform threading, allow you to create any contours.
  • gear-cutting – allow you to create the necessary geometry of gears and other parts;
  • grinding – they clean and level the surface at the final stage of processing;
  • multipurpose – combine the ability to perform all types of work;

The cnc milling machine is used in production where it is important to observe the accuracy parameters. It happens with a vertical and horizontal spindle. In addition, it works at high speed. There are large and compact models.

Main characteristics

Those who know what CNC is in modern machine tools have long appreciated its advantages. The equipment significantly increases labor productivity. Reduces the cost of goods.


One CNC machine replaces up to 6 conventional units. Moreover, it can work smoothly for many years, perfectly fulfilling the given commands. To process different parts, you just need to change the program. Similarly, the device allows you to quickly manufacture a computer-designed product.

A CNC milling machine allows you to perform high-speed machining of aluminum of any complexity:

  • cut out recesses of the required configuration;
  • perform artistic cutting of the material;
  • give a flat surface a concave or convex shape;
  • make various grooves, notches and grooves;
  • process the workpiece at the desired angle with maximum accuracy, etc.

Why do you need milling work on CNC machines?

Metal milling is now in great demand. The production of parts in this way can carry out in series and single samples. Such milling allows to produce high quality products in a short time.

Metal processing on CNC milling machines allows processing large surfaces, so the manufactured products can be of any size. The parts received at the output will meet the specified requirements and expectations.


CNC machines use in almost all areas of production. Such processing allows the manufacture of a variety of products: from simple shapes to the most complex structures. The most demanded milling work on CNC machines is the manufacture of single parts according to individually drawn up drawings.

CNC milling machines are used to process shaped and linear surfaces, from which metal bodies and other structures are then assembled. There are situations when it is necessary to make non-standard parts. It is better to entrust such complex milling work to professionals in their field.