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Rumah / Industri
Sercing A Wide Rance Of Industries

-Katio is able to provide full service metal fabrication solutions and products in Dongguan, China for a wide range of industries. We are able to meet any industry spec and tolerance requirements, all with the highest quality work and value added services. Several of the industries that we serve are listed below, and we have done custom work for many others.
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Packaging machine components endure unbelievable wear and tear, and packaging machine manufacturers know this all too well. At Kaito Mould Works, Inc., we understand that when a business contacts us with a broken part or piece of packaging equipment, time is money. We have the in-house experience to take your packaging needs and ideas from […]

Industrial Equipment
Peralatan Industri

Kaito Mould Works is pleased to provide CNC precision machining, custom machine building, reverse engineering, five-axis machining and milling and a host of other machine services to companies across a broad spectrum of industries. With more than 30 years of machining experience, you can trust us to deliver consistent results for every project. Whether yours […]


Pengangkutan awam adalah bahagian penting dalam kelancaran banyak bandar di seluruh bandar.

Consumer Electronics
Consumer Electronics

Electronics govern and power many mechanical devices, which means that many of the products creative.

Aerospace & Defense
Aeroangkasa & Pertahanan

When it comes to aerospace equipment manufacturing, the production of any part used in the aerospace industry calls for the highest-quality product and strictest adherence to standards. At Kaito Mould Works, Inc., we’ve been producing complex and custom equipment for over thirty years. We know from decades of experience what type of exacting standards must […]


Mempercepat inovasi peranti perubatan, Dapatkan pasaran lebih cepat dan rampingkan rantaian bekalan anda dengan prototaip pantas