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How does injection moulding die manufacturer Set Molding Temperature?

2020-06-18 hqt

Injection moulding fields of application in industry

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injection moulding die manufacturer has Plastic elements are an integral part of everyday life. However, objects can only be brought into the desired shape by injection molding.

  • Extreme process stability
  • low part costs for large quantities and
  • Moreover, the direct usability of the molded parts

are just a few of the advantages that speak for the process.

injection moulding die manufacturer – what is it exactly?

Injection molding is a technical application. It is used today for very different materials and workpieces. Furthermore, injection molding is particularly widespread in the molding of various plastics.

At this point, injection moulding die manufacturer takes advantage of their special material properties. Plastics such as:

  • Polyolefins
  • PMMA
  • Polycarbonate
  • Polystyrene

have the property of liquefying under the influence of heat. Thermoset materials, which can also be processed by injection molding. Follow different material parameters. And must be processed differently.

Because of this, a distinction is generally made between thermoplastic and thermoset injection molding. What does the processing look like in detail?

  • Thermoplastic injection molding:Here an injection moulding die manufacturer uses for the production. Generally, it is liquefied through the use of heating elements.

Cooling – including volume reduction – starts immediately. In order to maintain the required level, material is pressed in the injection molding machine at lower pressures.

  • Thermoset injection molding:Here you have to take into account the fact that the material hardens in the heat. The actual casting process therefore takes place at low temperatures.

 Therefore, one of the challenges is to keep the process heat low. 


injection moulding die manufacturer: lots of advantages

There are a number of reasons in favor of the injection molding process. For example, injection molding can be used to produce directly usable molded parts in large quantities. injection moulding die manufacturer can modify objects with enormous accuracy in short time.


Regardless of the surface of anything is possible with the injection molding process. As a rule, no post-processing of the molded part is required.

Fully automated processes and a high reproducibility of the injection molding production are further advantages. An equally important aspect that speaks for the application of the injection molding process. Therefore, it is the variety of materials that can be used.

All thermoplastics and elastomers can be processed. Which in turn enables a huge range of application areas for the components created by injection molding.

How does injection moulding die manufacturer maintain unique customer requirement?

injection moulding die manufacturer manufactures plastic parts using the injection molding process. Generally, it happens individually according to customer requirements.

During injection molding, the liquefied material is injected into the injection mold under pressure. The material is then cooled in the injection molding tool. And returned to a solid state in a crosslinking reaction.

The cavity, determines the shape of the injection molded parts. And the surface structure of the finished plastic injection molded part. Which then already has the finished shape of the injection molded end product for the customer.

After the cooling injection moulding die manufacturer installs the product in the injection molding machine.

How to remove finished injection moulding product?

The finished injection molded plastic product can be removed from the injection mold by hand. Or with a separately attached removal device.


Injection molding has established itself as a manufacturing process in recent years. The injection molding process is often referred to as the primary molding process. Which has established itself particularly in plastics processing.

The injection molding machine is able to liquefy the material. If the material is liquid, injection moulding die manufacturer can process it quickly.

injection moulding die manufacturer introduces different types of injection molding

There are very different processes for injection molding. Which are used depending on the production part and target. If injection molding is used in plastics, a distinction is made between:

  • Thermoplastics
  • thermosets and
  • the so-called elastomers.

All three types of material can be safely processed using the injection molding process. From an economic point of view. Thermoplastic injection molding is of the greatest importance today.

And is therefore almost the most injection moulding die manufacturer uses it. Moreover, there is no plastics processing method that is used as often.


The injection molding technology for thermoplastic injection molding is based on the essential features of the special machines. Basically, a screw piston injection molding machine is used for thermoplastics. It consists of two basic units:

  • the injection unit, also known as a plasticizing unit
  • the clamping unit

The clamping unit is able to close the mold. It then holds the mold together and opens it again. The most important parts of the injection unit are the horizontal cylinder known as the plasticizing cylinder and the screw.

Basically, the screw is not only able to rotate. But can also perform axial movements in the cylinder. The hopper can be found on one of the ends of this cylinder.

injection moulding die manufacturer places the raw material in these. The closable nozzle is positioned at the other end. The nozzle connects the injection unit to the clamping unit.

injection moulding die manufacturer thermoplastic injection molding

Thermoplastic injection molding consists of individual work steps. This is

  1. Plasticize and dose
  2. Inject
  3. Press down and cool down
  4. Demould

Optimal flow behavior of the melting material

In principle, an optimal flow behavior of the melt is aimed for. Therefore, the focus is on so-called laminar flow behavior. At the point where the melt touches the cooled tool wall. Moreover, it can cool down immediately.

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Then it remains stuck in place. The melting channel tapers and the melt moves up. Subsequently, it increases in speed while moving up.

An important point in injection molding is that the tool is in principle colder than the actual plastic mass. In injection molding technology, for example, the mold has a temperature of 20 to 120 degrees Celsius.

The plastic mass is in a temperature range of 200 to 300 degrees Celsius. The large temperature differences are desirable in injection molding. As soon as the melt reaches freezing during cooling, it solidifies.

What is the final step in injection molding?

The final step in injection molding is with demolding. First the ejector side is opened by the clamping unit. The injection moulding die manufacturer ejects workpiece by pins.

injection moulding die manufacturer – fields of application in industry

Injection molding processes have become more important in the past. The reason is the high presence of plastic products in the industry. Where injection molding is used everywhere today. You will notice very quickly as an attentive observer.

Already in the household there are various possible applications. Such as the production of:

  • Assemblies for household appliances
  • Housing parts for household appliances
  • Components for furniture
  • Assemblies for electrical devices

injection moulding die manufacturer also uses Injection molding processes in the automotive industry. Here, thermoplastic injection molding can include:

  • Bumpers
  • Dashboards
  • Handles
  • Headlight covers

getting produced. Another classic area of ​​application for injection molding is the toy industry. In addition to building blocks made of plastic. Components for model making or many other toys are also manufactured here.

If you look at the range of plastic products in use today. Many other industries come into play in which injection moulding die manufacturer plays a role.

Conclusion: injection moulding die manufacturers is an integral part of modernity

Most of the time, we thoughtlessly grab plastic cups or sit in the car. Without thinking about how the dashboard is made.

In almost all areas of life we ​​now find products that are made with the help of injection moulding die manufacturer. However, there is also a certain problem associated with this – environmental pollution.

Plastics are resistant to the weather. The industry is now working on developing compostable plastics. That can also be processed using injection molding.