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Why do injection molding products manufacturers use 2k technology in injection molding?

2020-06-18 hqt

Some key benefits plastic injection molding

injection molding products manufacturers

Injection molding is a manufacturing process in which injection molding products manufacturers inject liquid plastic under pressure into a metal mold. Evenly distributed over it and solidifies. This is the most common method of large-scale manufacturing of plastic products.

Generally, the injection molding process requires sophisticated equipment and serious technical training. However, excellent quality product comes under professional injection molding products manufacturers.

injection molding products manufacturers -Application for injection molding technology

Using this method, you can produce almost any plastic product. Moreover, there are no restrictions on the size or number of parts. Here is a partial list of what can be produced using injection molding technology:

  • enclosures for electronic equipment;
  • automotive components;
  • similarly, plastic caps and caps;
  • cases for medical equipment;
  • household appliance parts;
  • Kids toys;
  • Furthermore, plastic packaging, etc.

Generally, many manufacturers choose a cheaper method of production. Casting in silicone mold. However, often this choice brings even greater cash costs. And does not guarantee excellent quality.

Why is it recommended to choose injection molding products manufacturers?

injection molding products manufacturers high accuracy of the finished product.


The supply of liquid plastic under pressure allows it to evenly distribute in shape. Filling even the smallest holes.

The ability to receive parts of any complexity. Including with very thin walls. For the manufacture of products, injection molding products manufacturers make a metal mold.

The design takes into account all the small details of the future product. As a result, you can get both simple and very complex product. But with many holes and bends.

The minimum need for machining the product. More often than not, the finished product does not require any processing. Subsequently, exceptions are very complex products. However, in this case, the improvements are minimal.

Unlimited finished products.

The metal mold, comes before production. It will last a very long time. With its help you can make any number of products.

Low cost subject to the manufacture of a large batch.

The more products, the cheaper the cost of one copy. Because injection molding products manufacturers spend the main budget at preparatory work. Which is carried out only once.

At the same time, injection molding technology has its drawbacks.

  • the high cost of preparatory work.
  • the unprofitability of manufacturing in a small batch.

What stages injection molding products manufacturers follow for injection molding products?

The process of manufacturing plastic products by injection molding involves several stages. Which can be divided into two groups.

  • preparatory work and
  • casting itself.

Let’s consider these stages in more detail.

Preparatory work

  1. Creation of 3D models of the future product. You can create a 3D-model. According to the drawings, description or photograph. injection molding products manufacturerscarry three-dimensional modeling t in a special program.
  2. Prototype manufacturingAfter the 3D model is created and approved. You can create a prototype, i.e. Generally, sample of the future product.
  3. This is most often done using 3D printing. Simultaneously, a prototype is necessary in order to evaluate. And test the future product.
  4. Mold design. Commonly, this process is based on a 3D model of the future product. When designing, it is important to consider all the smallest details.
  5. Mold making. The finished 3D model comes into several parts. injection molding products manufacturersmake each part separately. After which they are assembled into a mold.
  6. Test casting. Next, using the finished mold. The first copy appears. Which is carefully studied and tested. If flaws are there, finalize the mold.

Preparatory work lasts from several weeks to several months. However, this is an important stage in which you should not rush. Because the quality of future products depends on it.

injection molding products manufacturers molding process

  1. Submission of plasticto the mold under pressure. The heated plastic is fed into the mold under high pressure.
  2. Uniform distribution ofplastic over the mold. Due to the pressure, the plastic comes in shape filling even small holes.
  3. Mold cooling and plastic hardening. The cooling time depends on several parameters.
  • type of plastic
  • mold temperature etc.

For small items, this is usually a few seconds.

  1. Delivery of the finished product. After the mold has cooled, it opens to give the finished product.

injection molding products manufacturers cost of injection molding

As a rule, injection molding products manufacturers demand a fair amount. However, the more pieces will be produced in the future. The lower the cost of one product. At the same time, quality remains high.


The technology of injection molding allows to combine different materials in one component. In particular, it increases the functionality and freedom.

This leads injection molding products manufacturers to a fully automated production of components.

The components appear in two cycles. Using the main technology. After which they come together. Similarly, 2K technology eliminates assembly. Simplifying the manufacturing process and ultimately optimizing end costs.

What is two component injection molding technology?

The technology of two-component injection molding creates additional added value. In addition, injection molding products manufacturers can offer customers in the automotive industry.

Polyethylene is one of the most popular polymers today. Its various types are practically different plastics. Which sometimes differ from each other. Even more than from polymers of completely different types.

So, high pressure polyethylene is a relatively soft and fairly elastic product. And medium or low-pressure polyethylene is a fairly rigid material. But there is a similarity. Therefore, all polyethylene can boast of their frost resistance.

Due to which they can be operated up to -70 ° C. And some brands are even lower – up to -120 ° C. injection molding products manufacturers technology is quite easy to recycle. Although injection molding has long been the most popular among the many relevant technologies.

What are some key benefits injection molding products manufacturers provide?

Injection molding is a sequence of operations involving heating the starting material. Melting it into a semi-liquid phase. Then injecting the heated viscous mass under pressure into a special form.

In which injection molding products manufacturers form the finished product. A feature of this technology is its cyclical nature. Which somewhat limits its performance.

Generally, its main advantages are as follows:

  • Greater recycling capacity
  • quite high performance
  • high quality of finished products
  • often not requiring any additional processing

it is perfectly acceptable to manufacture parts of complex configuration. Including thin-walled ones. As a rule, additional processing of finished products is not required.

The manufacturing process of finished products allows its full automation. While thousands of samples of such equipment have already been accumulated.

However, injection molding comes with some drawbacks

  • the equipment for this process is quite complex.
  • and therefore not cheap;
  • moreover, the practical use high qualification.

injection molding products manufacturers advantages, however, outweigh the disadvantages. Injection molding plastic technology is very famous in the world.

injection molding products manufacturers in china

companies across the globe look forward to injection molding products manufacturers for their products.

It is precisely accurate. Furthermore, it has mass. Moreover, provides all the possibilities for its automation.

In addition to molds, means are also required for preparing and supplying raw materials. Heating and maintaining the temperature. Feeding the melt into the mold.

Gradually cooling the mold filled under pressure with the starting material. As well as:

  • mechanization
  • and automation of the process
  • facilitating the work
  • increasing its productivity and
  • Similarly, improving the quality of finished products.


Being expert injection molding products manufacturers, I must say that injection moulding in the modern world is very different. So, there is no way to get acquainted with all its diversity. But, as an example, we can consider a little more in detail. The very process of injection molding.