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How do custom plastic mold manufacturers make semi-automatic casting mold?

2020-06-03 hqt

10 practical tips to improve plastic molding mechanism in 2020

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custom plastic mold manufacturers know that plastics have good processability. They can be used smoothly to make them into the shape we want and need. Similarly, the chemical properties of plastics are also very good.

We can change this material according to our design easily. Plastic also has the talent of “actor”. Because it can reflect the appearance and personality of other materials on its own:

  • wood grain
  • metal feeling
  • clear and transparent glass
  • plastic seems to be transformed.

custom plastic mold manufacturers

The production of plastic products is one of the key activities of the custom plastic mold manufacturers. They take orders of any level of complexity, from small to wholesale, and execute them in truly high quality.

The main advantage of an order with custom plastic mold manufacturers is the ability to implement non-standard orders for plastic molding. We will help you develop and implement an individual project.

How does high tech custom plastic mold manufacturers help in quality plastic products?

Professional custom plastic mold manufacturers carry out serial and small-scale molding of plastic products.
High-tech production allows you to effectively carry out most of the work of serial and small-scale molding of plastics.

  • independently carry out diagnostics
  • repairs and maintenance of equipment on our own tool base for the production of plastic products
  • including custom-made ones.

Popular custom plastic mold manufacturers products

The range of custom plastic mold manufacturers products include:

  • Caps, droppers, caps, dispensers, containers, medical containers, PET bottles;
  • Furniture accessories, accessories for cornices;
  • Accessories for double-glazed windows, accessories for mosquito nets;
  • Cans of lids for food products;
  • Accessories for watering;
  • Construction accessories plaster beacons and beacons for bulk floors;

A variety of modern polymer products requires the use of high-tech innovative miscalculations in manufacturing. custom plastic mold manufacturers carry out molding on injection molding machines using equipment. That allows them to reproduce the finest nuances of any product in the finer points.

These are horizontal type machines. Due to their reliability and quality of each of the manufactured parts, they are quite famous in Europe and china. Most often, plastic molding is necessary when performing non-standard parts that are not produced in series.

 custom plastic mold manufacturers manufacture products based on the following polymeric materials:

plastic molded parts manufacturer in china

  • Polyolefins
  • high impact polystyrene
  • polyamide PA-6

polybutylene terephthalate and other polymers.

These compounds allow custom plastic mold manufacturers to effectively fulfill the order for the manufacture of plastic products of any complexity. Qualified personnel and modern equipment are the best guarantee of one hundred percent quality. In addition, affordable prices can always be a key argument.

How is the manufacturing process of plastic parts?

The production process by which plastic parts are manufactured can be considered using the DEMAG injection molding machine. Ith allows you to fully trust the technique, eliminating the presence of errors and defects made due to the human factor.

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Preparation for work is heating or thermosetting of molds. The required pressure for plastic molding develops on the viscosity of the material and the dimensions of the product.

The pressing process itself is performed with a gradual increase in pressure on the part, the value of which depends on the filling of the mold.

The manufacture of metal molds for plastic molding goes through the modern metalworking equipment of custom plastic mold manufacturers factory. Injection molding of plastic allows manufacturing custom-made plastic parts with high productivity and low cost of high quality.

The method of injection molding of plastics on molds produces:

  • covers,
  • boxes
  • cases
  • rings
  • bushings
  • fittings
  • trays
  • washers and other products.

Plastic molding provides high accuracy, repeatability, speed and economy of manufacturing plastic products of various complexity.

How do custom plastic mold manufacturers make semi-automatic casting mold?

Molds for the production of plastic parts can be automatic and semi-automatic for casting with embedded fittings. Semi-automatic molds involve the use of plastic products with fittings when molding: nuts, pins, screws, etc.

Molding of such products is carried out with manual laying of the element in the mold. Stamping elements made by stamping must be the same constant size.

Otherwise the mold may get damage when plastic is molded. Although in the manufacture of such molds, the custom plastic mold manufacturers factor is taken into account during the molding of plastic and the protection of equipment is implied. But if the reinforcement is larger than the nominal size, the matrix will jam.

Plastic molding allows the production of plastic parts of complex configuration and serialization of more than one thousand pieces. Molded plastic products are used in engineering, instrument-making, military-industrial complex, electronic and other fields.

3 famous custom plastic mold manufacturers molding methods

    (1) calendar molding
calendar molding method is one of a thermoplastic molding. The method is mainly to manufacture thin films and sheet materials. Thermoplastics suitable for calendaring include PVC, PE, PP, ABS, CA, VC/EVA, etc.
   (2) blow molding
a blow molding comprises two blown film and blow molding hollow articles.
  (3) foam molded
Foam plastic products are the internal resin containing as a main component made of numerous small cells. Modern technology can process almost all thermoplastic and thermosetting resins into foam.

At present, the resins commonly used for manufacturing foam plastics.
Foam plastics are divided into:

  • soft
  • rigid and
  • semi-rigid foams according to the degree of softness and hardness of the products.

10 tips for optimizing the injection molding process:


1) Plastic temperature is controlled within the range recommended by the material supplier;

2) The filling speed is as fast as possible, and fewer segments:

  1. a) Separate filling and filling;
  2. b) Only 95-99% of the product is filled at the end of filling;
  3. c) In order to reduce the plastic molecular orientation, the filling speed can be slowed down appropriately.


  1. d) The filling stage ensures that the pressure is sufficient.
  2. e) Record and keep the filling time consistent.

3) Switch to fill-in position for ending filling;

4) Pressure and time control for feeding;

5) Keep the pressure until the gate is closed

6) Control the cooling rate and time:

  1. a) Ensure the formation of turbulence in the cooling pipe;
  2. b) Control the inlet and outlet temperature of cooling water;

7) Without automatic adjustment control technology;

8) Without increasing the period, the plasticizing process is as slow as possible;

9) Do not segment the back pressure;

10) If the material properties change, do not compensate by adjusting the temperature, mainly by adjusting the filling speed.


At present, the output of custom plastic mold manufacturers in the world accounts for almost 80% of the total output of plastics. The processing of these plastics is physical processing technology.

Such as:

  1. extrusion
  2. injection
  3. calendaring, etc.

That is, plastics develop into products through the process of heating-melting and cooling. In the past 20 years, molding processing technology has developed rapidly. But the tone did not change much. But it develops from a unidirectional type to a combined type. Such as:

  • extrusion-pull-blowing
  • injection-pull-blowing
  • extrusion-thermoforming
  • extrusion Composite