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Why custom plastic parts manufacturers use injection molding technology?

2020-06-01 hqt

The important point for custom plastic parts manufacturers

custom plastic parts manufacturers

What is the custom plastic parts manufacturer service?

custom plastic parts manufacturers provide specialized machines tailored to customer needs. Based on excellent standard models and years of experience. By optimizing the manufacturing equipment, it brings overwhelmingly high stability and low defect rate to mass-produced products.

Custom plastic manufacturing is a high-tech process that allows the production of plastic products with a wide range of applications.

Why custom plastic parts manufacturers use injection molding technology?

We use plastics for various purposes.  custom plastic parts manufacturers focus on injection molding among plastic processing. Similarly, they explain:

  1. what processing methods there are?
  2. what characteristics they have?
  3. and what to pay attention to?

The injection molding method mainly comprises a step of plasticizing a resin by heating. A step of injecting a plasticized resin into a mold at high pressure.

custom plastic parts manufacturers Molding procedure

(1) custom plastic parts manufacturer send the pellets falling from the material feeder by rotating the screw in the cylinder.
(2) they plasticize pellets by the heater in the cylinder. And accumulated in the front part of the molding machine by the rotation of the screw.
(3) They insert certain amount of molten resin again into the cavity at high speed. And high pressure with a screw.
(4) After pressurizing, cooling and solidifying in the cavity. Open the mold and eject the product by ejector pin.

important point for custom plastic parts manufacturers

custom plastic parts manufacturers in China

(1) custom plastic parts manufacturers should select pellets that can easily fall from the hopper.
(2) The gate part is where manufacturers inject into the cavity from here. And residual stress concentrates. So cracks may occur in the product, so be careful.
(3) Since injection molded products change due to post-shrinkage inspect them after leaving them for a certain period of time.
(4) For water-absorbing resins such as polyamide, custom plastic parts manufacturers should pay attention to dimensional changes due to water absorption.

injection molding of custom plastic parts manufacturer for the thermosetting resin

  1. Overview

The resin is heated in the cylinder to give it fluidity. Which is injected into the cavity in the mold set to the curing temperature of the resin. where it causes a curing reaction and then is released from the mold. Things to consider when molding are:

  • fluidity
  • curability
  • and supply.
  • Since fluidity requiresin the cylinder, custom plastic parts manufacturers should set it to a temperature at which the resin does not harden.
  • (2) Set the conditions so as to prevent hardening.
  • (3) If the injection speed is too fast, heat will cure due to friction,

4 custom plastic parts manufacturers molding techniques

Low pressure molding

Molding shrinkage is small. And there is a tendency to increase the injection pressure in order to improve mold transferability. But on the other hand, when the injection pressure increases, the pressure gradient in the cavity increases. Causing “gas burn” and other problems. It may also cause defective molding.

In order to solve this, low pressure molding is a method of performing injection molding at low pressure. So that the pressure in the mold does not increase.

custom plastic parts manufacturers Injection compression molding

This is a method of popular custom plastic parts manufacturer that combines injection molding and compression molding.
After injecting the molten resin into the cavity where only the compression stroke is left, compression molding is performed. This method is suitable for:

  • molding optical discs
  • optical lenses, etc. and
  • high-speed molding

Because molded products with less molding strain can be obtained.

High precision injection molding

This is the most economical way to produce plastic products in large quantities for custom plastic parts manufacturers.

The manufacturing process is as follows: the plastic is heated to a liquid state. And fed under pressure to a metal mold, which forms the finished part.

custom plastic parts manufacturers Benefits


  • The production of plastic products by injection molding on a thermoplastic machine is the most economical way of obtaining products from all possible.
  • Once having made a mold, the cost of casting the part will be only a few dollars.
  • Only the production of injection molded products allows custom plastic parts manufacturer to create a product of such complexity. And configuration that is unattainable by other production methods.

Highest precision and impeccable quality.

High-precision injection molding allows manufacturing products with tolerances of up to hundredths of a millimeter.

The shortest possible time. Unique performance.

Having a finished mold, custom plastic parts manufacturers can cast a circulation of parts of 100,000 pieces in a couple of days.

Excellent performance.

The production of castings allows you to use any existing plastics to obtain the desired characteristics. And if necessary, custom plastic parts manufacturers will be able to develop a special polymer mixture that are best suited for you.

What determines the cost of custom plastic parts manufacturers?

The cost of precision injection molding depends on two factors:

  • the manufacturability of the mold and
  • the volume of the batch of products.

The higher the automation of the equipment, the shorter the cycle of the form. And therefore, the cheaper the resulting product.

The production of plastic products is one of the key activities of the custom plastic parts manufacturer

China custom plastic parts manufacturers industry dynamically developing and purchasing additional equipment. Expanding its capabilities in the production of plastic products by injection molding from plastic.

Plastic products are used in various sectors of the economy. Finished products made of polymers are:

  • Inexpensive
  • Lightweight
  • well processed
  • and can be recycled.

The manufacture of plastic products has its own technological features, depending on the purpose and size of the item.

According to the custom plastic parts manufacturer, the production of plastic products is carried out:

  • Injection molding.The molten polymer fills the mold and is pressed. So get a large number of identical parts.
  • Injection molding. Metal elements are installed in the formwork and polymer is poured. This is how solid products are made with inserts firmly fixed in plastic.
  • Pressing method.Here, the metal elements are preheated and inserted into a mold filled with plastic.