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How injection moulding suppliers choose the right injection tools?

2020-04-15 hqt

Injection Moulding Suppliers: Choose the Right Injection Molding Tools

To create high-quality plastic parts injection moulding suppliers need to choose the right tools. After all, these tools play a vital role in ensuring the success of plastic parts. The suppliers have a wide range of option especially when it comes to injection tools.

However, to make the right decision, you would need to do in debt research. These tools are like cars, you can find them in all shapes, and sizes. You can find several famous brands that produce high-quality tools.

So, to make things easier for you, we are going to provide you a complete guide on choosing the right tool. The tips below would assist you in every possible way.

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How to choose the right Injection Tool

Right Model Series

If you have been searching for a moulding machine, you would know that there are many dedicated machines available in the market. After all, manufacturers produce a series of machines dedicated to a certain industry.

So, the first step is to pick a machine that is built according to your industrial needs. In addition, you would have to focus on the raw material. For example, to develop PET bottles, you would be needing a PET Series injection moulding tool.

Injection Weight of IMM

The next most important parameter for choosing the perfect tool is the injection weight of IMM. The right weight of the machine will help you produce the right products. The IMM is expressed via ounze or gram.

Manufacturers often misunderstand the parameter. They confuse it with random machine weight. However, it is way more than. When a manufacturer finalizes the plastic material, it can determine the weight of the desired plastic part.

Once they know the exact weight of the plastic part, they are in a better position to make a decision regarding the injection moulding machine. More formally, we can say that injection molding weight is the maximum plastic weight that an injection device can reach at the time the screws are making the maximum injection stroke.  All this happens under the condition of an empty injection.

Remember here, by empty injection, we do not mean injecting into the mold.

The parameters reflect the processing capability of the injection molding machine to a certain extend. It is possible to measure it. However, you can get it via theoretical calculation.

NOTE: There might be a difference of certain degrees in measured value and the theoretical value.

For the test material, you should use the normal PS density of 1.05 or so.

 Required Clamping Force

To create plastic parts, you would have to inject molten plastic into a mold at high speed. The reason, you use high speed is that it helps create pressure inside the mold. In lame man terms, we can say that you would have to push both halves of the mold in a different direction.

This makes it possible for the liquid plastic to escape over the partition. Thus, resulting in the product with a burr or a fleece. However, you can avoid this by having the right clamping force. You measure the clamping force in kN.

To right clamping force depends upon the internal pressure of the mold and the product’s project surface area. A good machine generally has a clamping force from 250 kN to 12.00 kN.  It is a pretty decent range. It would allow you to manufacture products from 0.5 grams up to 5 kilograms.

Shot Volume

The amount of material that you would need to complete a single production cycle is the shot volume. Make sure that your shot volume is not more than 15 to 80 percent of the maximum melting capacity. Do remember, that the percentage can be different in certain types of thermally unstable plastics.

Following this rule will help you safeguard liquid plastic quality along with the reproducibility of the process.

Required Injection Pressure

Injection moulding suppliers need to make sure that your injection pressure tools should have come with adjustment of screw-cylinder. An adjustable screw cylinder offers the facility of making changes to pressure and speed during the injection phase.

Thus, it increases the facility for accommodating different requirements.

Available Capacity

Sometimes it is important to dedicate a machine to a certain type of products. The reason being, these products are in high demand. You need to deliver a large volume of these parts every year. Assigning them a dedicated machine would make the production process efficient.

Mould Dimensions

Injection moulding suppliers need to pay extra attention to the dimensions of the mold. It is imperative to check these dimensions all the time. You need to focus on the width and length. In addition, pay close heed to the height of the mould.

Make sure that the mould and the machine have the capacity to open up twice the height of the product. This would ensure easy access to the product while removing it from the mold. You can call this opening as the “daylight opening.”

In addition, you need to leave some space for the optional use of a robot. Certain production processes sometimes use a robot. Last, but not the least, you need to see if the machine requires tie bars. The tie bars have a direct impact on the usable part of the floor plate. Thus, it would affect the machine size.

Cycle Time

When choosing an effective injection molding tool, you should consider the cycle time as well. It is an important fact and it has a direct impact on the production process. You would need a sprinter for products that have a short cycle time.

Although, the sprinters are highly expensive machines, yet they are critical. The reason being, these machines offer extremely fast injection molding.

Core Pullers

Smart and effective injection molding technique requires multiple pneumatic or hydraulic sliders. For each of these motions, the machine requires an individual core puller. In simple words, the number of motions an injection molding machine can control is equal to the number of core pullers it has.

To control all the sliders, the machine must have the respective number of pullers. So, make sure to have just the right number of core pullers.

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Robotic Handling

The plastic parts tend to retain the shape, but for it to be completely robust, you need to wait until the plastic cools completely.  There is a chance of damaging the product during injection especially when the part is not completely cooled.

So, to avoid this particular problem, you would have to intervene using robotics. You would have to transfer the product from the mold to the conveyor belt using a robotic arm. Thus, make sure that that tool you choose should have the option of incorporating a robotic arm. There should be enough space for the robotic near the injection-molding machine.

Tolerances of the machine

A machine’s tolerance defines its ability to withstand the pressure. The part design indicates acceptable tolerances. Therefore, make sure that the given dimensions do not tend to deviate more than the indicated tolerance.

The tolerances factor does have a great impact on the choice of injection molding tools. For example, you can have extremely low tolerances to develop high precision parts.

Final Words

Injection molding tools have a direct impact on the product design, production, and quality. Therefore, it is critical that you have the right and high-quality machinery. To choose the right tool to consider the tolerance rate, cycle time, core pullers and among other factors.

With the help of these factors, you will be able to make the right decision.  You will be able to choose a machine that is not only dedicated but also efficient and effective. It will yield the desired results. After all, the main objective of experienced injection moulding suppliers is to incorporate the latest market trends and technology to achieve fine and sophisticated products.

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