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Janji Mould

Jamur itu mahal, dan cetakan outsourcing untuk orang asing bisa sedikit mengintimidasi tanpa persetujuan. Di sini, di Kaito Mould, kami percaya pada kejujuran dan bahwa kami mendapatkan penghargaan dengan pekerjaan berkualitas baik - tetapi dalam bisnis, kami harus mempersiapkan skenario terburuk tidak peduli dengan siapa kami berurusan.

mold promise

Kami pikir Anda harus merasa aman meninggalkan cetakan outsourcing Anda bersama kami, jadi kami membuat janji cetakan kami: untuk ketenangan pikiran Anda.

1. Anda adalah pemilik tunggal hak kekayaan intelektual yang terkait dengan cetakan outsourcing termasuk desain, gambar, model, pengetahuan, dll.

2. We will not copy the mold or communicate any document concerning the mold to a third party.

3. We will not loan or rent the mold to anyone else without prior notice.

4. We will inform you about any malfunction or wear which could affect the use of the out-sourcing mold.

5. We will not make any modification or repair work on the mold without the prior and written agreement of the customer.

6. At any time you can come to our factory to check the physical presence and condition of the mold.

7. We will first obtain your authorisation before making a change to the location of your mold.

8. At the end of the contract we will follow your instructions as to the relocation, storage or the scrap of the mold.

9. The mold is your exclusive property (subject to any agreed costs in making the mold having been paid).

10. We will ensure the mold against theft fire or other accidental damage, but not a consequential loss.

11. You have the right to take back all or part of the mold at any time, on simple written request, provided all outstanding invoices have been paid.

12. Should Kaito cease trading or appoint a receiver then the mold will be made available for your collection.

13. Should your company cease trading or appoint a receiver then the mold will be released upon settlement of all outstanding invoices.

14. Ownership of the items produced using the mold shall pass to you upon payment in full of the relevant invoice(s) relating to those goods.

15. We will only retain possession of the out-sourcing mold until all outstanding invoices have been settled in full.

Jika kami dapat membantu Anda dengan proyek Anda, hubungi kami di 86-769-89813119 atau email