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Pembuatan Prototipe Cepat

Pencetakan 3D Satu Atap danPembuatan Prototipe Cepat Solusi Pengembangan Produk


Proses pengembangan produk adalah bisnis yang kompleks. Tetapi dengan bantuan prototipe, Anda pasti bisa mendapatkan hasil yang lebih baik. Kami akan membantu Anda dalam membangun prototipe terbaik dari rencana Anda.

Because innovation and product life cycles are getting shorter, the product development process needs to be more efficient, and product launching has to go faster. With fast iteration times, rapid prototyping enables faster product development cycles. Both engineers and designers can evaluate their own designs very well.

3D Printing Applications-What is Rapid Prototyping?


Do you need to put your new ideas to the test with conceptual modeling? Do you consider using functional prototyping for performance evaluation before investing in expensive production processes? Katio’ rapid prototyping solution gives you the flexibility to create, test, and improve in ways you never thought possible so you can get to market faster than ever.


This way you can:


  1. Develop and improve product ideas while saving a lot of time and money
  2. More freedom to design iterations
  3. Dapatkan umpan balik dengan sentuhan dan nuansa nyata
  4. meningkatkan produk Anda dan mengurangi biaya kesalahan
  5. Mempresentasikan ide secara lebih efektif kepada rekan kerja, klien, dan pemimpin
  6. Lindungi kekayaan intelektual Anda

Pembuatan prototipe yang cepat sangat mengurangi waktu dari desain hingga produksi. Tidak seperti pembuatan cetakan terbuka tradisional atau model buatan, pembuatan prototipe cepat lebih cepat dan secara efektif dapat membantu perusahaan menemukan cacat desain produk lebih awal. Karena begitu sebuah produk dengan cacat desain dimasukkan ke dalam produksi dalam batch dan dipasarkan, hal itu dapat membawa kerugian ekonomi yang besar bagi perusahaan, merusak citra mereknya, dan memengaruhi loyalitas pelanggan.

Whether it is designing shoe molds, auto parts, home appliances, or designing architecture, craft sculptures, 3D printing is an ideal choice for rapid prototyping of different prototypes. Promote cross-department design communication and discussion with molded parts, so that companies can make more informed choices and improve lean production.

Why use 3D printing to make rapid prototypes?

Prototypes are made very quickly, often referred to simply as ‘rapid prototyping’. This production is still the main application in the 3D printing world. In the production process, the prototype is first created digitally (CAD file), and then it is 3D printed. No matter what the scope of application is, there are a variety of materials and technologies available today to create realistic prototypes.




You benefit from the largest virtual printing factory. We can print your 3D model with all additive manufacturing technologies available on the market and in over 60 materials.

Rapid prototyping widely use in the field of prototyping. Prototyping is very important in the early stages of industrial product design. It will affect the design of the product and affect the subsequent links of product development and production. The industrial component model printed by the 3D printer makes the design of the product more intuitive.

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“Due to our excellent 3D modeling capabilities, we often use 3D printing technology to achieve rapid prototyping. Equipped with SLS and SLA machines, using photosensitive and resin, to quickly produce precise and accurate rapid prototyping templates.”

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