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How to become a professional plastic molded parts manufacturer

2020-06-22 hqt

Practical tips to hire an experience molded plastic manufacturer

plastic molded parts manufacturer

plastic molded parts manufacturer


How long does it take to make plastic parts and molds? plastic molded parts manufacturer


When negotiating, customers often ask plastic molded parts manufacturer: how long it takes to make plastic parts and molds? This problem cannot be generalized.

Some plastic parts take a short time. While others require a longer time. Depending on factors, such as:

  • the difficulty of the plastic parts process and
  • the customer’s order quantity.

Kaitomould has undertaken many businesses of making plastic parts and molds. And has continuously summarized in the work. How to respond to the most acceptable to customers? So today we will briefly explain to you how long it takes to make a mold?

 plastic molded parts manufacturer factors involve in time

Under normal circumstances, the mold production time depends on two factors:

  • the difficulty of the process
  • the customer’s order quantity.

Technological difficulty:

It refers to the difficulty for plastic molded parts manufacturer in making samples of plastic parts. Generally, it can be understood as follows. The more complicated the shape of plastic parts, the more difficult it is to make molds.

In technical terms, the more parting surfaces of plastic parts, the more difficult the processing. And the longer the mold making time.

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Customer MOQ:

Speaking of this factor, many people find it very incomprehensible. Why is the customer’s order quantity related to mold making?


In fact, the order quantity of the customer determines the number of mold cavities. If the order quantity is large, the corresponding number of mold cavities will be larger. And the time required for plastic molded parts manufacturer will be longer.

Because the time for the line cavity is also correspondingly longer. In addition to faster production, this also improves the efficiency of producing products. Thereby reducing product costs, and individual products will be cheaper.

If the order quantity is small, the cavity time will be shortened. And the mold manufacturing time will be shorter. After our calculation, a small number of mold cavities can meet the production. And ensure the highest cost performance.

Trial trial process:

After plastic molded parts manufacturer makes the mold. There will be a trial trial process. If the plastic parts process is difficult, the quality of the mold will be reduced. The trial is very likely. But it needs to be re-made. The time required will increase accordingly.

 plastic molded parts manufacturer explains common factors that effect molding

The above are the more common factors that affect the mold making time. Generally speaking, it takes about 30 days to make plastic parts and molds.

After plastic molded parts manufacturer makes the molds, the processing of plastic parts is easier. If the order is moderate, it usually takes more than one week.

Delivery can be made. But it also depends on the specific situation. If any accidents are encountered in the middle, plastic molded parts manufacturer company can step up the productivity. And ensure your production tasks to the greatest extent. Without causing unnecessary losses to you.


Both supply and demand in China’s domestic plastic mold industry continue to be “powerful”

The overall downturn in the domestic plastics industry clearly cannot hide the strength. And popularity of the plastic mold industry. According to the data, since this year, the domestic plastic mold industry has been particularly “lively”.

And the booming production and sales scene has made the competition very healthy.

Insiders pointed out that plastic molded parts manufacturer plastic mold currently accounts for about 30% of the entire mold industry. With the continuous improvement of CNC machining equipment, the application scope of plastic molds will be further expanded.

It is no exaggeration to say that plastic molds will become the most attractive “cakes” among the mold varieties.

 The development of plastic molded parts manufacturer industry

It is true that the development of the plastic mold industry has benefited from the improvement of plastic products. For example, in the industrial field, plastic parts are gradually replacing traditional metal parts.

In the field of construction, it is also a general trend for plastic building materials to replace traditional materials. Data show that in 2012, the penetration rate of plastic doors and plastic pipes in plastic molded parts manufacturer industry will exceed 45%.

And the market share of plastic drain pipes will exceed 50%. Which undoubtedly promoted the demand for plastic molds.

It can be seen that the plastic mold industry has already shown great opportunities for development. Although the entire domestic plastic industry is still in a special stage of in-depth adjustment.

From the perspective of the strong demand of the plastic mold industry. It should not be a problem for the plastic molded parts manufacturer industry to get out of the current predicament.

What’s more? various indications show that the development trend of the plastics industry has not changed. But will be strengthened.

Cost reduction by selecting resin material- plastic molded parts manufacturer

I think cost is one of the items that design and development emphasize in resin component processing.Here are some tips for cost savings.
First, the cost of plastic cutting is roughly divided into material cost and processing cost. You can consider the possibility of cost reduction from each viewpoint.

Does the material meet the required properties or is it replaceable?
The first question to ask is whether the material is suitable for the application.
plastic molded parts manufacturer has materials with all the properties. Such as:

  • heat resistance
  • weather resistance
  • chemical resistance
  • and mechanical strength.

Of course, we will consider it before selecting that material. But selecting a material. That has excessive specifications for the environment. In which it is used naturally costs money.

Is the cutting material suitable for the processing content?
However, even if it satisfies the application. Selecting the material depending on the processing content may increase the processing cost.
For example, even if you have selected a material that meets your needs. A material with good workability is more suitable for plastic molded parts manufacturer.  If it has a shape such as a thin long hole.
In addition, if there is no standard for the material. And it is necessary to cut from a large material, the cost will increase. Even if the original cutting material cost is low.
Since the plate thickness varies depending on the material. It will be expensive if a 6-sided milling cutter is required.
On the contrary, if you are not particular about thickness, you can save money.

Is it possible to reduce plastic molded parts manufacturer costs by changing the material?

I often get inquiries. But the most important advantage when changing the material from metal to resin is the weight reduction.
In general, resin is more expensive than metal as cutting material. So, the material cost is high in most cases.
Depending on the processing contents, cost reduction may be possible. But it may be difficult to simply change the material from metal to resin. It depends on plastic molded parts manufacturer mainly.

Processing cost reduction by plastic processing method

Whether it can be fixed.
One thing to be aware of is whether it is easy to fix when cutting. Shapes that are difficult to fix are those that do not have a pinch.

Are the tolerances appropriate?
Tolerances that are usually expressed in numbers tend to be severe. Because they are theoretical.
If you let us know the application in advance. plastic molded parts manufacturer can manufacture it by taking more than the tolerance.

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Also, if the design software settings allow for automatic tolerances at all points. You may have to push up costs without even knowing it.
Since resin is a material that expands and contracts. Depending on the material, the dimension may change by 0.1. Or more when the temperature changes by 10°C.
Therefore, if the same tolerance as metal parts is included. It may not be possible to process it or the cost may increase.